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Featured Artist - Binu Sasidharan

Binu Sasidharan

Myself, Binu Sasidharan, born in Aluva (Kerala State , India) in the year 1976, completed my post graduation from Mahatma Gandhi university, in Commerce. As a Kid I was always a fascinated by comics and Disney cartoons. At school I have participated in various drawing/painting competitions, but never won any. Along with my post graduation, I completed my multimedia diploma and later completed my advanced diploma in 3d animation by1998. After my studies in 1999, I started my career as a freelance designer and animator. In 2002 for a short term I have worked as a Guest Lecturer, in Union Christian Collage, Aluva for a special course on Designing and Multimedia.

In 2004 I joined Bang Technology, USA as Graphic Designer. In the year 2005 I started my Wireframe animation studio at the same time started working as a Design and animation consultant for Iormyx Inc. In my short career of around 12 years I have worked for various Films, Advertising, Television and interactive platform. I think other than iClone and Crazytalk, I am good in using 3D Max, Adobe Photoshop, Flash animation, Dreamweaver. I have started using Reallusion Products from 2008.

Wireframe was formed in the year 2005. Even though we are into animation for commercial, documentaries, live action short films, print and web, our major project was CID Moosa 007, which was released in VCD/DVD in home entertainment circuit April 2008. This project was a huge success across kerala. Our latest project is "Once Upon a Time" which is planned for a theater release by the end of 2009. Wireframe may be the smallest studio in the world, which is engaged in the production of animated feature film. We are a very small team working round the clock passionately towards success.

The 1st iClone Movie produced to the Theater

Q: What first got you interested in Reallusion software? How do you know iClone?

Our previous project was created using Toon Boom Studio, which was a 2D animated. Our team is also good in blender. When we started thinking of going for a 3D animated feature to be created within a short period, we did some research for the best software available in a decent budget, which led us to iClone. We have started using iclone in the year 2008, which I can clearly say that it's a value for money product.

The Trailer of "Once Upon a Time"

Q: How did you get the idea to use iClone to make a movie? What are the benefits using iClone for movie production?

We found iClone affordable and user friendly, we didn't have to think twice. We tested the output quality on bigscreen, the result was very good. iClone is more user friendly and cost effective solution for movie production, when we had done a research on similar products we found iclone superior in many aspects and main attraction is? ease of use and the pricing.

Q: What's the movie "Once upon a time" about?

The story depicts a strange happening in the life of an adventurous and mischievous boy named Rahul who learns about a magical kingdom from a book gifted by a sage. The Story moves to a new dimension when Rahul and his toy kunjan accidentally lands up in a mysterious world similar to that he had read in the book. Rahul's quest to unfold the mystery of the magical land changes him to the chosen one for saving the kingdom from the evil forces of Kukkoosan the black magician and the power hungry minister.

The film based on this fantasy story is treated to entertain the viewers and hook them to the story by retaining the curiosity element and the suspense factor till the end.

Q: What is the arrangement of your team work?

Apart being the director of the film I am also heading the creative team. And also monitoring the Quality aspects of the project. Our Technical Director Dinesh is leading the technical team, he is also the head in modeling department. Sathish Valakam (Ponto) is our Chief animator. Sathish Thembadath takes cares of the lighting, textures and set design, Joshy heads the? background design section. Hareesh works on voice casting. Apart from these key resources we have professionals (External consultants) handling various other areas.

Q: Any interesting experience you would like to share when producing this movie?

The only limit for iClone is our imagination. Interestingly, while exploring into details of iClone, every week we used to find some new features, which were not known, to us early. I think still we have not used all the features available in iClone.

Q: Since it's the first iClone movie to the theater, how did you promote it? What's the approach or strategy in the market?

More than being the first iClone movie, it's the first animated feature film to be released in Malayalam language, The film is targeted at kids in the range 4 -12 years, we are planning to create an awareness across leading schools in the state, apart from that the songs of the film will be aired through regional satellite channels and FM radio channels. We (our producers) are also looking for co-branding partners. Advertising in local magazines, newspapers, poster, hoardings are also in the plan. Already newspapers and satellite channels have covered detailed news and visuals of our ongoing project and lot of expectation is there as this is going to be the first ever fully animated feature film in Malayalam also Noted Actor Salim Kumar's (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salim_Kumar) have achieved this rare honour of being the first Indian actor whose 3D model will play a significant role of a cunning minister in this fantasy story.

Q: What will you suggest if people want to use iClone for movie production?

We would highly recommend Iclone for movie production. It can be extensively used in animated features or can be blend with live action. Imagination is the only limitation in using iClone. In other words we can say "What You Imagine Is What You Get". Our experience with iclone in last one year had been satisfactory. We have already tested the output quality on big screen and we are pretty happy with the results. By using iClone, production cost can be reduced without compromising on quality.

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