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Developer Spotlight - Bernard Gasté

Bernard Gasté

My name is Bernard Gasté and I was born in Paris (France). I am living at Vernon, in the department called Eure (Haute-Normandie) on the west side of France at about 80 kms from Paris. I nevertheless work in Paris, near the center and the Champs Elysees's avenue. I work in the administrative and financial department of a firm of General Construction & Civil Engineering. I'm so mainly focused on office software and data processing support, however, I do use Photoshop regularly to correct and enhance photos taken in work environment.

Experience in iClone

1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself. Name, location, short bio etc.?

I'm keen on playing guitar, passionate of video and photography and I discovered the 3D world at the same time I looked at the famous iClone software. The 3D softwares appeared so complex and expensive to me that I have been given up to know more about these and their universe. It is incredible to experience what can be done with iClone and what was the most attractive to me was its ergonomy and how easy it was to use the software.

2. How did you get into Reallusion software?

A friend of mine sent me a video he has created with "It's me" (The previous version of iClone) and looking for information about this program, I came across "CoolClones", this excellent site. I registered as member and tried immediately iClone. I was instantaneously delighted. As soon as I realize that it was possible to edit or create clothes for personages, I became more and more passionate about creating textures, especially clothes for women.

3. How long have you been using Reallusion software?

I have been using iClone since the end of 2007. It is not a long time but it's so easy to use that I got accustomed with it quickly. That was how I avoided a long and boring learning of the 3D programs. Sure that the conceptors did a remarkable and complex work but for the users its only pleasure.

4. What do you mainly use iClone/Crazytalk for?

As I mainly work on computer, I use lots of professional softwares, very different of the 3D world but Photoshop remains the necessary tool of iClone to edit my textures. I use as well Pinnacle Studio, a video software affordable, enough powerful indeed, usefuly complementary for the video editing with iClone.

5. How long does it normally take to create one of your fantastic creations?

First of all, I am not a 3D specialist, and although my nephew who is studying 3D taugth me about specialized software as 3Dsmax, I still confine myself to the creation of personal/private videos and as well as the issue of textures with Photoshop. I am full of admiration for some developers who are able to imagine and create then mind wonderful textures (Duchess110, Shygirl, Aknzrdude, etc.) For my part, I only work from photos, it means from existing models but I change, revise the colors, the cuttings ... You need to be patient and you must know your software very well to realize clothes from actual textures. There is no coincidence when a texture suits very well.

First you must twist and manipulate the image so that it fits the mesh but after that you have to retouch manually with appropriate tools. The more difficult is to obtain the front and the back coming together perfectly by fitting the design of the dress as well as the brightness what is never regular. You can’t manipulate the pixels of a photography as you can easily do it with a vectorial drawing. You often need a lot of hours of work and fittings to realize an accurate texture without shading off the quality of the original image. I finally found my own way for doing it and it’s always in comparison with tedious work. I don't think I am more gifted to create a texture, I only spare time to it. The basic photos are coming from my wife or family clothes (she is very sprendthrift), sometimes taken on the net, but those one must have a sufficient resolution with a front and back view of the clothes.

6.What other software do you use apart from iClone and/or Crazytalk?

As many users and contrary to most of the developers I only use iClone for entertainment and my creations with it remain very private and are the fruit of a lover. The quality of the animations and characters are exceptional and you can obtain very good results without being a specialist. iClone is easy to use but its possibilities are unlimited. You can go very far on the creation if you want it. Where you want to go, iClone leads you thanks to its power and use-friendliness. I miss time, so I appreciate particularly iClone. It permits to realize amazing results in a short time.

7. What do you like most about Reallusion products?

As many other users, the user-friendliness of Reallusion Products keep the attention, instead of being easy to use those softwares are powerful and professional. Moreover, the reasonable price compare to the possibilities make Reallusion an absolute must of the 3D world. Its softwares are very specific but intuitive. In the programs jungle, Reallusion products are atypical and unequalled.

8. What are you looking for in iClone 3.0?

The current version seems like what a demanding user expects. Considering the huge improvements I was taught about the version 3, I am expecting the time it will come onto the market and nothing else that the excellence we are used to.

Texture Packs Created by Bernita:
Sexy Girls
On the Beach
Good Night
Evening Dresses


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