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Featured Developer - Major Bergman

Major Bergman

Before I began to create 3D characters, I painted traditionally on paper or canvas with oil paint or water color. My dream was to illustrate books for children and fairy tales. In 2004 I began to create figurines with the 3D Program Poser and later with DAZ Studio as well. But only with post-editing my Characters in an application like Photoshop were they really good. There I could implement my own style.




Bring the Characters in Fairy Tales to Life

Q: What are the inspirations behind your designs?

Fantasy films, fairy tales and sagas inspire me to do my creations, but also classical literature, history, myth and legends. Often I concentrate only on the human face, I love to create portraits.

Q: What is your experience with Reallusion?

I first heard about Reallusion because of a picture in the gallery on daz3d.com. The “Just Michael” portrait contained in the content library of CrazyTalk 6. Later 3 image packs for CrazyTalk followed (People of the World, Women of the world, Men of the world). Recently I finished my first character pack called ‘Goblins’ for CrazyTalk Animator. Although I wasn’t familiar with both programs at the beginning, I got a lot of support from the Reallusion Team.

Q: Do you have any designs that you are particularly proud of?

I am happy with every successful design and I especially appreciate constructive feedback about my work.

Q: Tell us about the first characters you’ve designed for CrazyTalk Animator.

My goal is to create characters that cope with the proportions of a CTA actor (big head, small body) and still look realistic to the viewer. Goblins don’t seem realistic in our normal perception, but if we put them in the world of myths and legends…!

I created these characters in Poser first. The figurines and textures itself I got from Daz3d.com. the backgrounds for this pack were assembled in Poser as well. After that, I “cut up” the goblins in Photoshop to reassemble them in CrazyTalk Animator again and fit them to the correct character specifications. Now all the goblins can play tricks in the magic woods and we can listen to their stories of nature, the world, and the elements.

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