With 3DXchange Pipeline, you can import and export all types of 3D assets, including static objects, animated props, skin-bone rigged characters, and motion files. You can also repurpose them with output options tailored for Unity, Unreal, Maya, Blender, Cinema 4D or Daz Studio. This makes iClone a universally essential tool for both game design and CG workflow.

NOTE: 3DXchange 7 is only compatible with iClone 7, there is no backwards compatibility.

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3D Pipeline via 3DXchange

Character Conversion

Utilizing the built-in characterization panel in 3DXchange, you can convert external characters into iClone via FBX format quickly and easily. The newly converted characters will then be compatible with thousands of iClone motion files, as well as powerful motion tools like Body Puppet, MixMoves, and motion capture. Animate any character from Daz, Maya, 3DS Max, Mixamo, and others in a heartbeat!

Prop Conversion

3DXchange provides all the tools you need to import and export 3D props. The Transform & Alignment tools allow you to quickly rotate and resize the imported model with the correct scale and axis parameters. The Pivot tools help you to set a custom pivot point that controls the object’s rotational behavior. The Group tool allows you to separate objects, edit model hierarchy, build parent-child node relations, rename objects, exclude unwanted parts, and output selected objects separately for improved animation capability later.

Motion Conversion

By converting external motion data into iClone via FBX/BVH format, you are able to bring in motion data from any external motion library, popular motion editing tools, or even life-like motion capture for use with your iClone standard characters. This motion data can also be further edited or refined using iClone’s powerful Human IK motion editing tools.

Facial Setup

Imported characters can take advantage of iClone’s powerful facial animation tools too! 3DXchange supports all types of talking characters, allowing you to enrich your scene with more professional character assets that are more expressive with rich facial animation, regardless of whether or not the character was designed using a facial bone rig or facial blend shapes.

Direct In/Out in iClone

To further simplify the pipeline process, 3DXchange allows several critical import and export features to become accessible inside iClone 7. These include the highly anticipated batch FBX export function which allows you to export characters, props, and cameras all at once. iClone 7 can now also bring in multiple morphs from OBJs for organic morph animations.

Alembic Out


Importing a Camera from 3D Tools

Exporting Camera with Perfect Frame Alignment

Free Download

3DXchange 7 Pipeline Trial

  • Version: v7.02.0829.1
  • Platform: Win 7 SP1 / 8 / 10
  • Release Date: 2017-09-18
  • Category: Trial Software (Pipeline trial edition; 30 days)
  • File Size: 217 MB
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Edition Comparison Item Trial Full
Program Usage 30 days No limitation
Export content in iContent (iClone native format), FBX, BVH, or OBJ
*If you export 1 character with 3 motions in one FBX file, you will spend 4 export times.
15 times No limitation
Export Length (Motion) 30 seconds No limitation
Login to activate Required No limitation
Program (in iClone, Morph Creator, CC) Usage 30 days No limitation
Export FBX, OBJ, ABC 15 times No limitation
Export Length (Motion) 20 sceonds No limitation
Content Live content preview and purchase No Note. Can not live preview
Bonus character resource pack No Yes

Free Update

  • Version: v7.02.0829.1
    (for PRO & Pipeline 7.0 above)
  • Release Date: 2017-09-18
  • File Size: 27.7 MB

Version History

v7.02 (7.02.0829.1) released on Sep. 18th, 2017

Added new T-pose file for Daz4 Genesis 8 characters, and some bugs fixed.

v7.01 (7.01.0714.1) released on July 18th, 2017

Shortened import and export times between iClone and 3DXchange, and bugs fixed.

v7.0 (7.0.0619.1) released on June 20th, 2017


3DXchange 6 vs. 3DXchange 7

Features 3DXchange 6 3DXchange 7
Features 3DXchange 6 3DXchange 7
Bring in 3D models to iClone as 3D Prop
- 3DS, OBJ, SKP for static models
- FBX for animated 3D props with multiple motion clips
v v v v
Bring in bi-ped characters and make them ready for iClone iMotion
- One-click characterization for bone-skin characters
- One-click profile for Human IK, Biped, or DAZ Genesis 3 rig
v v v v
Bring in non-human characters and their corresponding motion clips
- Animals, creatures, etc
v v v v
NEW - Bring in Camera to iClone (via FBX)  Manual >     v v
Facial Rig for Lip-sync and Facial Puppet Animation
- Facial bone/morph mapping (for iClone 6 Facial System)
v v v v
NEW - Facial Rig for Lip-sync and Facial Puppet Animation
- Full facial bone/morph mapping (for iClone 7 Facial System)  Watch Video >
    v v
Import human motion files
- BVH, FBX and motion capture data
- Retarget motion for different body-scale characters
v v v v
NEW - Import morph slider for iProps, iAccessory, iAvatar (body parts included) via Morph Creator in iClone  Watch Video >     v v
Export 3D Models
- OBJ (static object, replace mesh, paint & sculpt, create face morph data)
v v v v
Export Character and Motion
- BVH (motion data)
- FBX (bone-skin character, motion data, multi-material data)
  v   v
Export FBX - modification from any character and cloth in the project   v   v
NEW - Export FBX directly from iClone  Watch Video >       v
Character Creator cloth design from FBX template v v v v
Export Alembic (.abc) format for baked iClone animations   v   v
Merge Identical for 3D models composed with multiple meshes sharing identical materials v v v v
Interactive lighting & 4 Scene Mode selection v v v v
Scene Tree Show / Hide v v v v
Support of Content Export License   v   v