Create interiors or outdoor natural environments by combining props or elements of terrain, sky, water, grass, and trees. Control moving clouds and day-to-night illumination with the interactive Sky Tool. Generate foliage and natural landscapes with SpeedTree visually detailed plants and trees enhanced with seamless LOD and wind control.


Scene elements with an attachable building block system that can be connected and combined. The prop templates are designed especially for architectural purposes, and there are construction materials for interior design included as well.


Access a huge collection of modular city building elements from the Reallusion Content Store. Drag-and-drop construction elements into your scene as part of your vivid 3D world and combine it with sky, terrain, water, and a broad variety of plant life.

Natural World

Create vibrant and natural environments by combining terrain, sky, water, grass and tree elements together. SpeedTree assets provide more visually detailed plants, seamless LOD (Level of Detail) and wind control via the timeline. The dynamic Sky Tool can be used in any of your projects in order to provide moving time-of-day effects and custom scene illumination.

Interactive Smart Props

Smart iProps employ Lua (lightweight multi-paradigm programming) language for game-like prop interaction. With scripted props, you can easily manipulate an object via a custom control panel. Simply select a prop and character and apply a command for automatic animation. This type of feature is commonly used for vehicle and weapon control.