Submit Your Best Photo Showcase for FaceFilter3

FaceFilter3 is the most complete and up-front photo retouching solution for amateur and professional photographers alike! To better demonstrate how FaceFilter can quickly and effectively deal with a variety of facial photo issues, Reallusion would like to invite you to submit your own showcase photos with your personalized before and after results. If your photo is chosen to be featured on our website, you will receive a $100 reward for each photo selected. There is no limit on the number of photos you can submit, so check out the submission criteria and get your photo in now!

The 4 Major Types of Photos We Wish to Collect

Aged to Rejuvenated

Imperfect to Flawless

Nude to Stylized

Original to Retouched


The photo should be shot in good lighting either in studio or outdoor at a high resolution (326 ppi or above; large than 2k) with detailed facial features (no strong DOF effects). We welcome photo entries from all genders and races.


Once your photo is selected as our showcase, Reallusion will display your name besides the photo showcase or link back to promote your website if you like. Please make sure you own the photo copyright.

How to Join

  1. Download FaceFilter3 Trial or PRO edition
  2. Import your photo (before) candidate and export it (after) with the desired look you want to achieve
    (You don’t need to make it perfect since Reallusion will also test it for the final showcase result)
  3. Upload your photo(s) to your favorite photo sharing website (e.g. Picasa, Flikr, ……)
    (Important note: Be sure to make your pics “public” so that we can see them.)
  4. Click “Submit Now” below to deliver your personal info with the photo URL
    (You may submit up as many photos as you like between now and Jan 20, 2013. We’ll be judging them based on image quality and potential to showcase FaceFilter’s major features like skin enhancement, facial makeup, reshape and DSLR effects. We’ll be contacting the winner via email around January 31, 2013.)

Become Reallusion’s Partner

Reallusion is currently recruiting professional photographers and cosmetic artists. If you run a business or you are a blog enthusiastist dealing with photography, fashion & models, medical cosmetics, or makeup, please feel free to leave us a message as we would like to discuss potential business development opportunities with you.