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Fight your way to 2D glory
Wax on, wax off! This pack provides 6 classic fighting characters including Karate Fighter, Wushu Heroine, Kung Fu Master, Wrestler, Ninja and Martial Art Trainer. Add this pack to your CrazyTalk Animator content library and extend your real-life character database...Learn more

• 6 Characters
• 8 Props
• 1 Head

Recreate historical battles with history's greatest conquerors
Rewrite history with the Titans of Time! The pack includes three notorious leaders: Napoleon, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar and their finest soldiers. Each character comes equipped with their own removable armors and weapons. Use them for educational purposes, or just plain fun!... Learn more
• 6 Characters
• 20 Props
Expand your comic horizons with the new Cosmic Hero Pack!
This pack offers you five actors: Brian, Laura, super heroes Space Siren and RUBI Rocket and a cyborg S.I.D. You can utilize these vibrant characters to create vivid comic book scenes. Each character's front, side and 45 degree are included in the pack. This pack also provides various hand gestures, eyes, eyebrows, lips and superpower effects. Now go and save the world with your heroes... Learn more

• 5 Characters with 3 views
• 11 Effects

Enhance your 2D animation library with classical fighting motions
Beat up the competition with Motion Library Vol. 3, an add-on motion pack for CrazyTalk Animator! This pack provides 46 motions for fight scenes. There are 4 types of classic actions in this pack: unarmed attack, melee attack, defence and others such as crane and snake. Watch your characters' motion expressions as they struggle to overcome their opponents... Learn more
• 46 Fighting Motions
Transport your 2D scenes with comic vehicles
Drive your film to the top of the rankings! This pack contains 6 modern vehicles: a police car, a school bus, a truck, a sedan, a scooter and a taxi, all with an unforgettable comic style. Each vehicle's front and side are included in the pack. Your default characters can ride and interact with the vehicles in many different ways... Learn more

•6 Vehicles
•9 Effects