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List Price: 99.80
The G2 Symbol Men pack contains 3D-Ready abstract characters perfect for reports, presentations and infographics. Assemble your avatars into a variety of conceptual personalities by mix & matching their body parts and accessories, while being able to instantly change their color styles.
  • 9 Hairs
  • 9 Uppers
  • 9 Lowers
  • 9 Shoes
  • 2 Color Palettes
List Price:$39.95
Create funny and practical avatars with these streamlined heads that contain facial expressions for a wide variety of abstract uses. Use them in combination with your Symbol characters for posters, pamphlets, or just about anything. Each head has its own animatable facial expressions and can also be used in a variety of angles and color palettes.
  • 2 Eyes
  • 9 Hairs
  • 2 Mouths
  • 10 Noses
List Price: $19.95
This pack includes 6 major categories of animated charts that are most commonly used in business reports and training videos. You can use them to present concepts like growth, progress, phases, focus, connections and percentages.
  • 42 Charts
  • 49 Icons
List Price: $19.95
Action Items galore! In this pack you will find a variety of action and game assets that can be easily employed in creative level designs or background visuals. Find a collection of animated props and gadgets that you can be used to bring life to any wallpaper or game stage.
  • 22 Game Stages
  • 31 Comic Effects
  • 10 Weapons
List Price: $19.95
5 especially designed color palettes that allow you easily create stylish and consistent business infographics, reports or training videos.
  • 5 Color Palettes
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