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Master Makeup Templates for All Occasions

Makeup PRO contains 33 master templates divided into 5 major cosmetic styles, allowing you to transform the look of your photo subject quickly and easily. With a single click, you can apply smart-looking office style makeup, a sweet and innocent look or even a smokey, sexy party look. Each template has its own unique and fun allure and the pure variety gives you the freedom to find and customize your own gorgeous look.


Full Set of Makeup Elements

There are nearly 200 key makeup ingredients specifically designed for Blush, Eye Makeup, Eyebrow, Eyeliner, and Eye Shadow. FaceFilter gives you the ability to fully customize every template as well. Editing the mask for each makeup layer allows you to define the dimensions and color of your makeup, and multiple layers allow you to create your own stunning blends to achieve any look you desire. You can also define the length and thickness of your eyelashes, and apply sensuous eyebrows with amazingly detailed hair texture. This pack gives you unlimited options for combining and blending different looks for the perfect result.


Witness the Intricate Details

We have the professional eye makeup for literally any look you're going for. Check out the realistic detail on the eyelash and eyebrow templates, and be amazed at how drastically they can change your look with a single click. Go from straight and short lashes to long and luscious, and bring further attention to your eyes with detailed and completely customizable eyebrows. Makeup PRO allows you to achieve ultimate photo beauty like no other.

Eye Makeup Eyeline Eyelash


Makeup PRO includes:
Master Templates x 33
Blush Templates x 11
Eye Makeup Templates x 23
Eyebrow Templates x 26
Eyelash Templates x 10
Eyeline Templates x 33
Eye Shadow Templates x 58


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