For iClone 4.12 or above  
3 kinds of creative Creature Base (with Bone and Skin) for you to have more choices in your designs. Body System Props for you to assemble your own creature. With the IK ani system in iClone4, you can even make your own unique motion in your Creature Base!
This pack includes:
• 6 Creature Bases
• 3 Persona with Sound Effects
• 14 Props (9 Cubical ,5 Organic)
• 16 Sound Clips
• 52 Motions
  For iClone 4.12 or above  
The props provided in this pack have multiple animations and complete particle effects for you to create amazing Sci-Fi machines. You can also combine this pack with other packs to create mind-blowing Sci-Fi vehicles.
This pack includes:
• 38 Props
   -8 Props in Hydraulics unit & tool kit
   -30 iProps (includes Weapon system, Power & Move system,    Compartment & Propulsion system, Sensory & Exhaust unit,    Hydraulics unit & tool kit)
  For iClone 4.12 or above  
This pack includes two basic scenes for shooting a film in a Spaceship; Bridge Deck and Cargo Bay. It also includes a number of high texture props. You can easily assemble many different styles for an interior spaceship scene look.
This pack includes:
• 54 Props
• 3 iProp doors
• 2 Projects
  For iClone 4.12 or above  
Your movies will be taken to the next level on visual quality with these amazing effects! Includes 7 kinds of the same special effects found in classic movie scenes like Lightsabre battles, robots firing plasma missiles, machine guns laying down suppressing fire, Rayguns blasting away buildings, energy shields, and much more!
This pack includes:
• 38 Props
   -6 Attack Effects
   -3 Background Effects
   -5 Energy Effects
   -7 Engine Effects
-8 Explosion Effects
-3 Flame Effects
-7 Spark Effects
  For iClone 4.12 or above  
The props in this pack are inspired from popular sci-fi movies and TV series. You may freely, and quickly, assemble all kinds of creative starships. You can't afford to miss out on this pack if you plan to create Sci-Fi fighter videos.
This pack includes:
• 26 Wings
• 19 Engines
• 11 Cockpits (include2 Cockpit iProps)
• 6 Bodies
• 1 Helmets
* Bonus: 6 Props & 3 Cockpit iProps
  For iClone 4.12 or above  
Create your own fantasy avatars with 5 kinds of sci-fi and fantasy hair segments. You may also use the additional swing dummy in combination with the hair segments. The Loop motion clip that the dummy generates will make any hair segment swing naturally.
This pack includes:
• 55 Hair Segments
• 16 Hair Ornaments
• 13 Sample Avatars
• 1 Swing Dummy
  For iClone 4.12 or above  
This packs provides flowing skirt segments, with spring, to make clothing on characters move more realistically. With this pack you will very easily create your very own Fantasy Avatars and achieve visual aesthetics like never before.
This pack includes:
• 36 Materials for Segment
• 20 Assembled Skirts with Texture
• 20 Assembled Wings with Texture
• 17 Skirt Segments
• 2 Dummy Tools
  For iClone 4.1 or above  
This Super Hero Pack will fulfill any comic book story you are working on. You may mix and match several different styles of heroes and characters, to create that one super hero that will save us all from peril! With these 8 amazing effects, you will create out-of-this world personalities that will surely be the talk in your next action packed adventure.
This pack includes:
• 27 Accessories
• 2 Props
• 8 Effects
• 4 Uppers
• 3 Gloves
• 3 Shoes
• 1 Character
• 1 Lower
• 1 Alpha Texture
  For iClone 4.12 or above  
Destructible asteroid fields, planets, space carriers with animated fighter group/flight wing, hangar with catwalk and static fighters, destructible planet rings, animated spiral galaxies, space debris and star globe for you to create your very own Star Wars.
This pack includes:
• 43 Props
  For iClone 4.12 or above  
This collection includes different kinds of patroller gunship, animated pods, defender gunship and space stations with various commands to provide your intrepid crew with the tools they need to keep the peace in the galaxy.
This pack includes:
• 6 Props
Not included in this pack: Scenes and any others items in display
  For iClone 4.1 or above  
Sci-Fi Adventures Vol. 1, 2 and 3 include; different colored lightsabers, a warp engine core for your spaceship's energy drive, a teleporter for beaming personnel and cargo to where it needs to go, and also a console prop with beam effect to help make your next Sci-Fi movie a real hit!
This pack includes:
• 1 Particle (Transporter Beam Effect)
• 4 Props (Transporter, Console, Pulsating warp engine core and   wall computer console)
• 5 Accessories (different colored lightsabers)
Not included in this pack: Avatars, sound effects & music
  For iClone 3.2C or above  
Customize your characters with these original Anima Technica outfits that bring a Contemporary, Sci-Fi or Fantasy theme to your projects.
This pack includes:
• 15 Cloth Sets   • 21 Materials  • 2 Accessories

Required Base Model:
G3 CloneCloth for Essential Woman Vol.1
G3 CloneCloth for Essential Man Vol.1

Not included in this pack: shoes, hair, accessories, 3D set

  For iClone 4.12 or above  
Never incur an evil robot's wrath! You simply won't survive. Let these 2 or 6 legged robots bring the intimidation and darkness that your movies need. Oh, did I mention their wicked machine guns?
This pack includes:
• 4 Character
   -Snapperbot Character

   -Shebot Character
   -Hexabot Carrier

Required Base Model: Sci-Fi Robots - Mechanical Bases

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