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   Aiko in Pop Dance Video
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  Product : Aiko 5 Pro Bundle

Aiko 5 is one of the most popular Genesis family of DAZ3D. This beautiful character was expertly designed and crafted by DAZ’s top artists. Her realistic features allow her to fit into any render, but her personality and style make her perfect for anime inspired scenes and more.

  Facial and Body Animation Ready
  All characters in this pack are iClone facial and body ready non-standard human characters which allow you to use both body and facial editing tools in iClone. You can apply any iClone human motion and facial puppet these characters to your liking.
Aiko 5 Pro Bundle includes both iClone and DAZ file formats. The contents and number of files are different between iClone and DAZ because of software difference. For detailed specifications, please check iClone/DAZ Dual Format chart.
  Author : DAZ 3D
Aiko file size : 127MB
For iClone 5.41 or above

List Price: $99.95



Complete the iClone and DAZ Production Pipeline

iClone users get the best of both worlds with dual-format sources straight from DAZ and iClone content. All DAZ content provided in these packs are 100% original assets with highly-detailed textures and maps that have been tested for use with iClone. Users will enjoy the benefits of both formats if they wish to further edit Genesis Characters back in DAZ, or if they prefer to instantly start using this content with iClone's powerful animating arsenal.
iClone Format DAZ Format
Character x 4
  • Aiko 5
  • Pale Shadow
  • Rave Girl
  • Sci-Fi Candy
Hair x 3
Accessory x 3
Motion (Pose) x 15
  • Aiko 5
  • Osaka Hair
  • Pure Hair : Timeless
  • Rave Girl for Aiko 5
  • Azumi for Aiko
  • Forever Fantasy Poses
  • Bow Dress and Boots
  • Momotsuki (Pink Moon) Hair
  • Pure Hair: Sweet
  • Pale Shadows
  • Making Faces for Aiko 5
  • Fantasy Poses for Aiko 5
  • Tsukiko for Aiko 5
  • SciFi Candy
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