Professional Stunt Actors

These amazing stealth moves have been skillfully motion captured through professional stunt actors in a high-tech motion capture studio. Through their exquisite agility you get high value stunt motions like; fly-roll, flip over, dodge-roll, and jump over hedge which are hard to find in other sources.

Complete Character Mobility System

A specially designed motion system ensures smooth transitions between primary and secondary stance modes. This system offers high flexibility for professional animation production, and for interactive game character controls.


Bow and Dagger Attack

Get several, iconic assassin kill moves which are included in this collection like; dagger stabs, attack combos, various bow shots, and jump ending kills. There are also two victim motions for when being attacked!

Seamless Motion Blending

The start and end points for each motion are naturally aligned with their related clips. Users can easily connect, blend, and create smooth loops to stitch into an ideal motion sequence like; sneaking in, flipping over, rolling over wall, jumping over, and swift kill.

Perfect Asset Combination :
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Product: Assassin Moves

What special assets are included in this collection ?

This pack includes a collection of unique assassin motions like: dodging, sneaking, crouching, scouting, tightrope walking, evasion, detection, jumping, attacking, dagger attack combo, archery shot, and a set of roll stunt motions.

This pack is designed for 3D animation studios that require realistic stunt actor motions from the best high-quality motion capturing technology, providing practical and flexible performances. It is also suitable for video game production teams that use the new motion graphs system to easily export these motions to other 3D game engines like Unity or Unreal.

Need more assassin characters ?

Check out the Character Creator content packs – ASSASSINS, and AYAKA!
No matter medieval-style Assassin, or Japanese anime-style Ninja you need to animate, here you will find many hero assets in one place. Combine these characters and motions to build and exciting animation arsenal for your next project.

Pack includes :

Artist : Reallusion

File Size: 42 MB
Compatible with: iClone 6.53, or above