Over 200 Themed Color Gradding Effects

This pack combines the widely acclaimed LUT effects, giving your projects an instant film look with just a click. You can employ 60’s vintage or 2020 avant-garde looks.
You can instantly turn your scenes to dusk or dawn, add air and space depth, transform CG works to classic film styles, or simply enhance the style of your render.

Blend LUTs to Dramatize Animated Effects

In iClone 7, you can set timeline keys for LUT effects by altering LUT blend levels, adjusting color tone, and altering the layered strength level, to get spectacular visual transitions, by purely using LUTs.


Product: Amplify LUT 200+

The Amplify LUT 200+ pack is part of the Visual Essentials collection.

This best-selling color grading solution found in the Unity asset store (Amplify LUT Pack), is now packaged and available for iClone 7 users! This pack provides the most comprehensive collection of high-quality Color Grading Presets for all kinds of application demands.

The pack contains over 200+ LUTs, ranging from stock film base grades, to popular games, and stylized looks. Take your project to the next level with the added color adjustment and multi-layered blending features available in iClone 7.

Get 10 x stylized categories in this pack including base, color blindness, film color, film mono, popular looks, stock film base, stock film standard, stock film vintage, stylized misc, and stylized retro.

Pack includes:

* .iEffect Files for iClone 7
* .Png Files

  • Base x 31
  • Color Blindness x 7
  • Film Color x 22
  • Film Mono x 8
  • Popular Looks x 37
  • Stock Film Base x 14
  • Stock Film Standard x 14
  • Stock Film Vintage x 12
  • Stylized Misc x 33
  • Stylized Retro x 29

Artist : Amplify Creations

File Size: 27 MB

Compatible with : iClone 7.0

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