Versatile constructions from 8 prefab styles

The BuildingGen French Style pack offers extensive modular combinations for constructing commercial, residential, or multifunctional buildings. Included are 10 premade buildings derived from 8 prefab styles, available for immediate use, design reference, and creative modification.

French roofing with adaptable components

Various roof components can be assembled to create traditional French-style roofs, complete with optional chimneys. The available roof types include mansard, gabled, cross-hipped, and more. These modular roof designs enable straightforward assembly to suit various building sizes and proportions, while remaining true to the original floor plans.

Mansard L-shaped

600+ Components Offer infinite Possibilities

Presenting a comprehensive collection of 3D components in various styles, including walls, floors, pillars, windows, doors, steps, fences, and roofs. Each item comes with adjustable material options, allowing for creative freedom with building configurations and appearances.

Balcony and terrace design

Effortlessly adapt building structures by adding or removing modules, incorporating pillars, railing, and steps. Design terraces, cantilevers, and open-air spaces — any design is possible.

Dynamic day and night lighting

Enhance your constructions with over 40 materials for doors and windows with daytime and nighttime settings. With just one click, switch between the two time effects to add realism to your scenes.

Set Dressing

The BuildingGen French Style pack features modular pavements and a variety of versatile props including trees, plants, chairs, and more. To enhance the atmosphere around dilapidated or deserted buildings, consider adding pipes, wood planks, and other debris to the scene.