Weapon Animation
There are two kinds of Shoot mode for automatic weapons

1. Single Shoot
2. Burst

Right click on the gun and choose the Script to get your shooting options.
Use the timeline editor to rearrange the shooting sequence, or alter individual tracks to separate it’s timing.
How to hold weapon with two hands
1. Create a Character, select the weapon.
2. Click the Edit Motion Layer button and set a gun-holding pose.
3. Apply a prop, and set it as a dummy.
4. Move the dummy to the gun rail positon at the front.
5. Reach the left hand to the dummy.
6. Attach the dummy to the weapon.
7. Open the Edit Motion Layer panel again and adjust the hand gesture.
8. Move the right hand to preview the result.
9. The left hand will always hold the gun now.
Slightly rotate the left shoulder and move the hip backward to create the recoil effect.
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Handling props with both hands.
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