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Character Bases
Upper Bases
Lower Bases
Shoe Bases

Special Features
Assembled Characters to all walks of life
Tons of accessories and outfits for unlimited combinations
Facial Expressions Puppeteering
Stylized eyes and facial features inspired by classic comics
Characterized for Any Cartoon Motion
Exclusive Bonus: A pair of Dot Eyes
A pair of Dot Eyes that can animate regular objects

What's included:

  • Character Bases x 15
    CHubby, Stretchy, variety of Mesh Bases of Upper, Lower and Shoe
  • Facial Feature x 40
    Eyes, Eyebrows, Ears, Beard and Nose.
  • Character Accessories x 25
    Hair and Accessories.
  • Outfit x 31
    Upper, Lower, Shoes and Glove.
  • Face Materials x 7
    Lip Colors
  • Character Profiles x 2 (separate installer)

What's Not included:

  • Avatar Builder
    The Avatar Builder allows you to define the animation properties of your own controller UI. To know more about Avatar Builder, please click here.
Puppet Controller
Simply drag the Puppet Controller into the stage window in order to control your character's facial expressions and adjust, in great detail - its eyes, eyebrows, ears, and other accessories.
Product: Avatar Toolkit Series - Toon Maker 2

Different from its cartoon-looking predecessor ToonMaker,ToonMaker 2 provides users with 6 customizable upper and lower base meshes in 2 typical comical body types: Stretchy and Chubby.

Vast amounts of possible role settings can be achieved by combining animatable fun accessories with these contradictory body shapes. This mighty useful tool, ToonMaker 2, can surely add humorous touches to your office comics, or it can help spice up your business presentations and training videos.

Puppet and Spring Ready Components in Popular Comical Styles

Inspired by famous comics such as Garfield, Snoopy, Simpson and Despicable Me's Minions, ToonMaker2 provides identical sets of animation-ready eyes, ears, and noses, which resemble distinguished popular styles.

Besides, the spring effects not only apply to accessories, but can also be set on the belly and chest to give realistic bouncing effects to the corresponding motions you apply.

Puppet Controller for Vivid Facial Expressions

The Avatar Toolkit2 Puppet Controller integrates facial and accessory puppet controls into a single panel, which allows you not only to puppet individual components but also to define and puppet full facial expressions including facial and mouth movements. In addition, the newly built-in jaw bone allows you to further animate these character mouths with more exaggerate performances!

Suitable for Business and Cartoon Motions

ToonMaker 2 characters are compatible with all iClone iMotion files, no matter if they are motions for dance, fight or daily movements. Due to their comic looking nature, they can best work with iClone Cartoon Motion series for when applying occupational motions for training, explainer videos, or business comics. It can also work well with Monster motion series for game like fighting movements.

Mix-match Content with Other Avatar Toolkit Series

To expand your creations on more unique characters you can take advantage of various accessories from your content library such as; the Mr. Pose Accessories Kit. It is recommended that you combine them with other Avatar Toolkit Series such as; the Monster Workshop and Toon Maker, for more assembly fun.

If you wish to create your own puppet-able accessories, then you may purchase the Avatar Toolkit 2 to enjoy the thrill of creation.

Author : Reallusion
File size : 114.00 MB
For iClone 5.51 or above!