1. Open the Preference Menu
Make sure that Pixel Shader is selected and GlowMap is checked.

4. Choose the area that you want it to be flashing

6. Make another Glow texture
(Black area won't light up. You can draw any color you want in other areas.)

8. Save the final version file to the location below

10. Open Light.ini, and change the parameters to become the same as the picture in the right, and then save it

12. Drag the Strength to the brightness that you need
2. Load the iprop file that you want it to be flashing from the Content Manager

3. Click on the Pickbutton

5. Clcik on Diffuse and then click Launch
  Open this texture

7. Make 5 different styles
Line them up and save as a new texture Light.jpg

9. Copy the already existed Animated.ini, and save the file name to Light.ini (Must be the same as the picture file name.)

11. Go back to iClone3, and double click on Glow. Load Light.jpg

13. Play to see the effect


14. If it's what you want. Add it in Content Manager and it will be saved
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