10 Pre-Made Bonus Characters Ready for iClone

All these amazing characters are fully compatible with Character Creator conforming clothing, hair and accessories. Users can also enjoy full compatibility with iClone iMotions, face puppet animation, and even lip-syncing, making these characters a great addition to your iClone pipeline arsenal. iAvatar and ccProjects formats are provided for iClone and Character Creator.


Some hairs, weapons, accessories and clothing on display are not included in the pack. If you have not purchased these items then you will see a watermark when you open the . iAvatars or .ccProjects.

10 Iconic Body Morph Sliders To Mix and Blend

Now you have the power! The Mighty Morphing Power, with the new Character Creator morph slider adjustments that makes quick transformation work of characters into popular and unique cartoon styles in seconds. Now you can freely combine Stylized, CC Essential, or other Morph Slider bases, to create your very own morph variations.


Access all ten character projects and their corresponding morph sliders under Full body-TokoMotion

Stylized body shapes can perfectly blend with photo-based 3D heads made with CrazyTalk 8

Fun and easy to generate new stylized looks by simply combining different morphs

Brand new personality made by different dresses and accessories