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Realistic Human 100: Universal 3D Head Library

3D heads from real human photos - Realistic Human 100 3D character creation guide
3D Head - male and female - young
3D Head - male and female - middle-aged
3D Head - male and female - old


One Format for 3 Applications

Compatible with iClone, Character Creator, and CrazyTalk 8

The newly introduced .RLHead format is a Universal 3D Head file format that works across all major Reallusion products. Once it's installed in your Shared folder, then you can apply them to iClone, Character Creator and CrazyTalk 8 characters. This new format is also fully compatible with morph and skin adjustments in Character Creator. making them an even more versatile design asset.

Universal 3D head for Character Creator, iClone, and CrazyTalk

Unlimited Combination for 3D Character Design

Employ the same Head Shape, use Different Textures

Textures from any of the 100 real human heads can be saved as separate skin presets with their unique Normal and Specular maps included, allowing you to max out possibilities when creating new human designs. You can also use your own morph sliders, or multiply your options with your own wrinkle effects (Normal maps). How It Works.

Save skin presets of different human face textures

Employ the Same Textures, use Different Head Shapes

The 100 unique morph data from the Universal 3D Heads can also be saved as morph sliders in your Content library, giving you even more options by altering head shapes while retaining the same skin textures. How It Works.

Create facial morph sliders of different head shapes

Cosmetic, Aging, Family Members

You may subtly change the look of any character by layering his or her skin texture appearance such as pore, suntan, wrinkles, and cosmetics. You can also slightly fine-tune more than 200 facial morphs in Character Creator, to generate a series of look-alike family members.

Quick aging changes for human

Combine both Human & Toon Assets

Mix & Blend Realistic 3D Heads with Stylized Morphs

Users just can't stop playing with the new Character Creator, as it brings a universe of options when you mix real 3D human heads with stylized, cartoonish bodies. Create unlimited caricaturized avatars or hundreds of 3D citizens for your new 3D world.

Toon body styled 3D human character


Product: Universal 3D Head - Realistic Human 100

Unlike other stylish, hand-crafted Character Creator content packs from Reallusion, these 3D head textures from the Realistic Human 100 Content Pack are made with high resolution (up to 2K), real human photos that were licensed from, a famous human skin texture company. We are very excited at Reallusion, and we really hope that users employ this new level of optimal realism for 3D human heads, giving all Reallusion animators the immediate benefit of an affordable, large collection of ready-to animate 3D human face libraries.
**All images in this page are rendered in iClone 6.
See the tutorial for basic techniques
  • New .RLHead content format. Compatible for iClone, Character Creator and CrazyTalk.
  • Find 3D heads for different ethnicities, age ranges, and variations.
  • Get over 100 skin textures and morph data presets that can be saved for further editing.
  • Combine and work with both human and cartoon assets for amazing combinations.

Pack includes :

- Universal 3D Heads x 100 (.RLHead)

File Size :


Compatible with :

Character Creator 1.42
iClone 6.42
CrazyTalk 8.02
3DXchange 6.42 Pipeline if you want to export


List Price:

List Price:
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