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Segway interaction with controllable UIs.

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Segway with 4 movement directions.

Product : Physics Toolbox Vehicle Series-Segway

Need a segway to carry you around town? The Physics Toolbox Series - Segway is equipped with a Segway that comes with detailed textures that can easily be applied to any project and help you create realistic scenes. To control the Segway just press play, stop or any of the other user interfaces with adjustable parameters such as speed, direction and axes. Steer your vehicle and control it in real-time!

Go to Physics Toolbox to demystify more physics vehicles.


Pack includes :

• iProp x 1 (Segway)
• Project x 1


File size : 18.5 MB
For iClone 5.22 or above
iContent Price: $9.95


Export Price(?): $29

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