Product : Occupations Theme Pack

This pack contains characters and motions of 5 different occupations, as well as props and accessories for these occupations. The occupations are Fire-fighting (G3 Character), Law Enforcement (G3 Character), Work Crew (G3 Character), Medical Services (G2 Character) and Food & Hospitality (G2 Character). Medical Services includes 2 nurses. Food & Hospitality includes Waiter and Waitress.

This pack provides common professional motions of everyday life. Users can use these motions to quickly make multi-character films with corresponding animations.

We also provide props with special function which you can activate using the right click menu (such as Link to Character, Turn on, Turn off) so making films is easier and quicker.

To accompany the professional nursing staff, here is this Doctor in scrubs texture for G2 Jack Clone Casual
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Pack includes :
  G3 Character X 6
  G2 Character X 4
  G3 Upper X 2
  Fire-fighting X 8
  Law Enforcement X 23
  Work Crew X 39
  Medical Services X 15
  Food & Hospitality X 14
Prop X 51
  (Included 8 special iprops)
Accessory X 17
File size : 123.8MB

List Price: $238.6

For iClone 3.1 or above!
Special Price: $99.95

Export Price (?): $149.90

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