Product : Movie Sets Vol.3-Alley, Corridor, Tunnel, Rooftop & Elevator
Easy to set up, professional result!

This pack offers four types of constructable objects: Rooftop, Hallway, Tunnel and Elevator. We provide Floors with Dummy and different walls so you can make variety of scene combinations.

There are also many common objects that you can use in the scene that you constructed. These object includes fire escape, Garbage bin, surveillance camera, and more. With Movie Set Vol.3, you can build your own movie scene in the matter of minutes!

Characters, Cardboard box, posters, Car, Jerrican, Container and building are not included.


Pack includes :
 Hallway prop X 54
 Tunnel prop X 45
 Rooftop prop X 13
 Elevator prop X 11
 Other prop X 34

File size : 109 MB
For iClone 4.3 or above!

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