Product : Movie Sets vol.1-Transportation
Easy to set up, professional result!

This pack includes six scenes often used in movies and television series: Airplane Cockpit, Airplane Cabin, Subway Cabin, Train Cabin, Skyway and Metro Station.

Subway Cabin and Train Cabin contains animations of doors opening and closing. There is also a moving belt animation for the Moving Walkway. For more details, please read our Help.

We provide a number of operating system props in the Airplane Cockpit. They have been attached appropriately. You can use the Timeline, and move these props in different time periods to shoot scenes in the cockpit; i.e. the throttle moving forward and backward. We also provide 3 cockpits that have been cut, so you can shoot front, left, and right side of the pilot. For more details, please read our Help.

You can remove walls in the Airplane Cabin, so it's easier to move the camera around without being blocked. All the overhead compartment can be opened for you to shoot scenes where luggages are being put away.

This pack doesn't include characters, accessories, sky, city backgrounds and plants. Since DRM content needs time to be certified, the project that we made only contains few objects. However, they can be used for demonstration purposes. For example, the chairs in the Airplane Cabin and Train Cabin are only put in a limited area for filming.


Pack includes :
Props x 26

Projects x 6

File size : 110 MB
For iClone 4.2 or above!

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