Motions for Different Construction Processes

Motions for Construction pack contains the typical activities for building, landscaping and refurbishing. 70 mocap animations are grouped for different roles of construction, including site surveyance, demolition, site clearance, material transportation, foundation laying, floor leveling, painting, inspection, and other team activities.


Laying a solid foundation requires many different tasks. This pack includes motions related to installation of foundations such as grading, excavation, piling, and so on.

sconstruction motion-installation of foundations


The main structure of a building is established during frame construction (Framing). This pack includes motions for tasks related to reinforcing concrete, framework, scaffolding, and plumbing.

construction motion-frame construction

Wall & Floor

Once the structure of a building is finished, then it’s time to build walls and floors.This pack includes motions for tasks related to wall and floor construction such as masonry, plastering, painting, carpentry, and more.

construction motion-wall and floor construction


Construction requires a lot of teamwork. This pack covers motions for communication and collaboration at construction sites, such as moving and lifting heavy objects, climbing up and down, discussion, instruction giving,and more.

construction motion-teamwork