The Line Items 3 of Motion Design Elements contains the most useful types of alpha channel transparent objects you can have in your production toolkit. In this third volume of Line items, Motion Design Elements Volume 25: Line Items 3, you will find a brand new batch of graphics with a linear bent. The variety of shapes, colors and styles represented are what you have come to expect from Motion Design Elements volumes. In these 60 new animations you can see everything from dancing fire to bubbling dots and from glistening twisted metal to glowing symbols and strokes. The elements in this volume will help you dress up and finish off logo designs and text and to frame or highlight existing graphics so that your production jumps to life with a custom production look.
Click on thumbnail to view Animation. Animations have been reduced in size and overall quality for demonstration purposes. Average Resolution for Motion Design Elements collection: 1000 X 300 to 1000 X 1000
0193_LineItems 0194_LineItems 0195_LineItems 0196_LineItems
0197_LineItems 0198_LineItems 0199_LineItems 0200_LineItems
0201_LineItems 0202_LineItems 0203_LineItems 0204_LineItems
0205_LineItems 0206_LineItems 0207_LineItems 0208_LineItems
0209_LineItems 0210_LineItems 0211_LineItems 0212_LineItems
0213_LineItems 0214_LineItems 0215_LineItems 0216_LineItems
0217_LineItems 0218_LineItems 0219_LineItems 0220_LineItems