The Motion Grab Bag Vol. 2 brings you even more looks and uses with its alpha-channeled objects and effects. Imagine how you could use explosions of smoke, scrolling number sequences, grinding gears and moving grids or feast your eyes on rotating dials, bubbling dots and discs, a sea of stars and tumbling cubes. These objects work perfectly for accenting logos and opens or for dressing up a boring background and giving it some life. This volume lets you stick your hand once more into the Motion Design Elements Library and grab a wide variety of useful elements you can't find anywhere else.
Click on thumbnail to view Animation. Animations have been reduced in size and overall quality for demonstration purposes. Average Resolution for Motion Design Elements collection: 1000 X 300 to 1000 X 1000
0133_MotionGrabBag 0134_MotionGrabBag 0135_MotionGrabBag 0136_MotionGrabBag
0137_MotionGrabBag 0138_MotionGrabBag 0139_MotionGrabBag 0140_MotionGrabBag
0141_MotionGrabBag 0142_MotionGrabBag 0143_MotionGrabBag 0144_MotionGrabBag
0145_MotionGrabBag 0146_MotionGrabBag 0147_MotionGrabBag 0148_MotionGrabBag
0149_MotionGrabBag 0150_MotionGrabBag 0151_MotionGrabBag 0152_MotionGrabBag
0153_MotionGrabBag 0154_MotionGrabBag 0155_MotionGrabBag 0156_MotionGrabBag
0157_MotionGrabBag 0158_MotionGrabBag 0159_MotionGrabBag 0160_MotionGrabBag
0161_MotionGrabBag 0162_MotionGrabBag 0163_MotionGrabBag 0164_MotionGrabBag