Note: This tutorial applies to iClone5 only. In iClone3, the flowing river animation keeps looping and you do not need the tutorial. However, the right click command to make water run does not work in iClone4.
  Select a river course from the Ground System folder and double click on it or drag it to the stage.
  The flowing river animation will start automatically when you playback. However, in iClone4 and iClone5, it will stop around the 500th flame of flame. To continue the flowing river animation, you may do the followings:
A. Use the right-click menu control
A-1. Select the River Course on the stage. Go to the Scene Manager and open its expansion by
clicking the "+" of the River Course.
A-2. Right click the river on the stage and select Perform > 1w001. The animation of flowing river will begin. Right click to select Perform > 1w001 again to continue the animation.
B. Use the Timeline control
B-1. Alternatively, you can open Timeline (press F3) to copy and paste the river animations. Adjust the transitions to make the river run naturally.
B-2. You could also stretch the animation bar to generate a different speed of water running.
The longer you stretch the bar, the slower the water speed you will get, or vice versa.
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