Living Room

Home Entertainment

A center place for congregating with the family. Motions include watching television, chatting, eating snacks, relaxing on the couch, and more.



home life-home entertainment

Living Room

Have Fun (leisure activities)

Families usually do fun and interesting activities together. This pack contains motions of children and parents interacting together, like playing video games, swinging together, playing with toys and more.



home life-have fun

Living Room


Various household chores like using vacuuming, mopping the floor, cleaning windows, and interactions with family members.



home life-houseworks

Living Room

Doing Work

Warm and intimate motions with children and parents’ interacting while doing homework. Working alone at home is also included.



home life-doing work



Common scenarios for preparing meals. Motions include: using kitchenware, working with kitchen tools, cooking, and cleaning tables.



home life-cooking



For dining spaces, you can choose motions like serving dishes, waiting for meals, and chatting on the dining table while interacting with the family.



home life-eating


Using Kitchenwares

A room containing the necessary utensils for cooking. Freely use motions like using kitchenware to prepare meals, activities and more in the kitchen.



home life-using kitchenwares


Outdoor activities

Various motions for outdoor activities like ball playing, sunbathing, watering plants, and weeding in the yard.



home life-parties


BBQ / Parties

Motions include interactions between family members for gatherings outside the house.



home life-outdoor activities

Bedroom and Bathing

Bathing and Showering

Discover detailed motions like taking a bath, cleaning up, showering, and more.



home life-bathing and showering

Bedroom and Bathing

Relax and Groomed

A place to completely relax and rest. Use motions like bedreading, ironing clothes, looking in the mirror, and more.



home life-relax and groomed

Mocap Motion Capture Home Life

Combining different motions through this pack, you can easily create home animations for your projects.

home life-sweet home