A. Combine floor systems
Much like assembling a puzzle, place the ground planes together to manipulate it as one unit.
1. Our ground planes use 2000 as a base unit. Therefore, you can use the Transform tool to easily link each floor seamlessly without fine-tuning.   2. Place the ground planes via the Move Transform menu, arrange in many different combinations in order to create a customized terrain.


When you need to use smaller grounds, you can adjust the ground size and tile UV to solve this problem.


B. Attachable Building Block System
Import various buildings and position them as you like.
When combining Building, part of the shop may be covered by building walls. You can make Opacity textures for the building to solve this problem.

Make a Opacity texture (The black area will not be displayed), and load Opacity Channel.

The shop will no longer be covered.

C. Adorn your city

Import floors, buildings, street lamps, phone booths and cars to arrange your street block.

D. Manage your project

When there are many props in a scene, we sometimes need to attach props to make it easier to move as one unit.
1. Arrange the props to the position that you want them to be.   2. Choose a prop, and click the Pick Parent button.

3. After the Pick Parent button is clicked, the mouse cursor will change (as the picture below). Click another prop (e.g.Connected 03).   4. The Shop is now attached to Connected 03. Any transformations to Connected 03 will also be made to the Shop. (Note: The Hierarchy for attaching is limited to one level only.)

When there are many props under one Parent, we can merge props.
1. Choose the uppermost Prop and click the Merge button.

2. That group of props will be merged into a single prop.

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