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Product : City Elements - Chinese Riverside Town

This pack contains a wide variety of unique content items that allow you to construct your very own ancient Chinese village. The design of this pack is taken from the towns in Jiangnan, China, which is renowned for its astonishing scenery and exquisite traditional buildings. A collection of ground system props allow you to assemble your own custom base.


The Chinese Riverside Town pack also includes a variety of unique buildings like a bungalow house, a monument, and even a restaurant with multiple customizable levels! Furthermore, we have included the doors and objects of some buildings and all the carts as separate sub-props, so users can move, rotate, show, or hide the related objects according to their filming needs.


Pack includes:

Buildings x 15
Construction elements x 32
Stalls and Boats x 14
Props x 23
Plants x 3
Bonus x 2 (Female Head, Oilseed Crops)

File size : 140 MB
For iClone 5.31 or above!

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