Product : City Elements - Suburban Streets Vol.1

The design of "City Elements - Suburban Streets Vol.1" is to create an open and dynamic design for users to utilize props as building blocks. They can invent their town according to their will to make a set suitable to film. You can use any conveyance and characters to act in the set. You can also use 3DXchange to connect to Google 3D Warehouse to download thousands of free props and convert them to VNS at your disposal.

The "City Elements - Suburban Streets Vol.1" was originally "City Elements".

For iClone 3.2C (3DXchange 2.0) or above!

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Please also check our Sky Dome pack - Colors of Sky and Citizen Extras pack which are great match with City elements.

Pack includes :
Hedge x 18
House x 4
Fence x 15
Floor x 16
Park x 3
Plant x 11

Panorama props x 5
Shopping street x 1
Stone wall x 19
Swimming pool x 3
Yard x 8

Sky dome, characters and cars are not included.

File size : 112 MB

iContent Price: $59.95

Export Price(?) : $89.95

City planning
Place sky dome