Product : City Elements - Citizen Extras

The poly count of a Citizen Extras character is lower than 4000. Since the poly count of one clone cloth G2 characters equals 8 Citizen Extras characters, the time and CPU usage required to render these characters are much less. Therefore, these characters are best suited in a scene that demands a lot of characters.
The character is also designed in one piece, so it will not be able to exchange body parts, head or hair style with other G2 characters, but you can apply any iClone Character motion, accessories and hand gestures to it.

For iClone 3.2C or above!

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Pack includes :
Male in Suit x 5
Male in Casual x 5

Male in Sports x 5

Female in Career x 5
Female in Casual x 5
Female in Dress x 5

File size : 125 MB
List Price :
Special Price : $29.95 (50%OFF)

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