CloneBone is an universal iClone bone system which you can create custom characters by attaching parts to bones. This way, you can easily build a wide range of character designs such as a robot, a cartoon figure, and a helmeted fighter.

There are two Clonebone base characters: Actor and Custom.  

Actor is the one with a standard iClone3 head.  You can change and morph the head and it can show facial expressions with its robotic bodies.

Custom doesn't have a default head. However, you can apply any 3D mesh head to it and have an additional jaw piece attached to the jaw bone.  You can then use CrazyTalk5 CTS facial animation data to drive the jaw bone animation.

Clonebone characters have four characteristics:

  • Both can apply standard iclone human motion file
  • Be able to do mouth animation based on CT5 CTS data, include jaw bone data
  • Be able to do motion editing with FK and IK definition
  • Be able to attach objects to the CloneBone, and save as a new actor

How to use

  1. Load the Clonebone character.
  2. Load any prop that you want to attach to the character.
  3. Move the prop to the correct position.
  4. Click on the character and then click on the prop. Right click on the prop and choose Attach.
  5. Move the character and the prop will move with it.

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Modify the scale of the bones
and get endless shapes of characters

Product : CloneBone – Actor and Custom

Pack includes :• 2 characters

*iClone3 PRO user may login your premium page to download this pack.

How to download the bonus packs?

Required: iClone3 or above (PRO Edition only)

File size : 4.4 MB


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