Forming an artistic base of Natural Human characters, this pack provides iClone users with highly-detailed bodies in a range of shapes and sizes. Pose and animate with enhanced iClone G2 character features for displaying statuesque form and fluid animation.

The Natural Human Base contains 9 typical human forms. Not only the shape variety increases the dramatic difference for film casting, they serve as the base 3D model design for either dual-layered Clone Cloth characters, or for normal single-layered well-dressed G2 characters. All body parts are exchangeable with other G2 characters for the flexibility of combined use, eg. bare foot with jean, topless male workers.

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Product : Natural Human Base
Pack includes :
• G2 "Jack" Essential Male
• G2 "Jane" Essential Female
• G2 "Xor" Super Hero
• G2 "Xaria" Super Heroine
• G2 "Moe" Stout Man
• G2 "May" Stout Woman
• G2 "Slade" Medium Male
• G2 "Sarah" Medium Female
• G2 "Junior" Small Human

File size : 42 MB
Price : $ 99.95
Special Price: $29.95 (70%OFF)

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Realism Human Texture Pack (FREE Download for “Natural Human Base Pack” Purchase Users)
The Natural Human Base characters add a wide range of creative character design by altering the tight skin texture:
Super Heroes
Trophy & Medals