Summer is here!
Let’s play ball!

iClone proudly presents sports series theme packs for the very first time. Since MLB season is on the way,baseball will be the perfect topic for our sports series.
We created baseball motions by capturing real baseball players’ movements such as ground out, tag out, tag up, cut off, hitter swing, bunt, right handed pitch, left handed pitch, umpire call strike out and many more.
We also offer complete sets of baseball gears for the whole team. You can also edit the texture of the characters to create your own team.

Product : Baseball Theme Pack

Pack includes :
G2 Standard Character_Xor x 4
(Pitcher x 2 , Catcher, Hitter; each with 2 kinds of uniform texture)
Baseball Gear Accessory x 22 (Baseball, Glove, Catcher's mask, Bat, Sun glasses...)
Baseball Motion x 41 (Tag up, Cut off, Hitter slider, Bunt, Swing, Swing pratice, Call strike out...)
Ballpark Prop x 2 (Turn on Pixel shader to see night lights)
Prop x 7 (Scoreboard, Fieldwall, Glove...)
(Umpires, Effects and uniforms with team's mark are not included in this pack!)

File size : 81.6 MB
For iClone 3.2C or above!

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