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G5 NEXT GEN & Street Dance
Showcase Name: G5 NEXT GEN & Street Dance
Author: Reallusion
4 most popular street dance styles and G5 NEXT GEN is finally here! This street dance collection contains 4 street dance styles : Hip Hop, Locking, Popping and Girl styles. All of the motions were captured from professional dancers and use expertly choreographed dance moves with exquisitely detailed limb and digit movements. You can also get the best matching characters and outfits for these dance motions - these Next Generation outfits are influenced by contemporary pop culture styles and based on G5 CloneCloth bases. Various realistic looking characters with diverse racial appearances and their fresh outfits are available now!
Pack: G5 Next Gen for Female , G5 Next Gen for Male , Street Dance Popping , Street Dance Locking , Street Dance Hip Hop