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iClone5 Monster Motion Vol.1 - Menacing Orc
Showcase Name: iClone5 Monster Motion Vol.1 - Menacing Orc
Author: Reallusion
Wherever your hero goes, evil can't be that far behind! This monstrous pack will bring your bad guy (or good guy) characters to life so they can terrify your viewers! There are 47 motions in total, in 4 different categories: Mode Motions, Response Motions, Move Motions, and Attack Motions. These include dynamic motions like swinging a heavy axe or punching an opponent! All you game developers will find this comprehensive motion pack incredibly useful and easy to apply to your characters. Pick up this excellent monster motion pack, and use it in your CG or game project today!
Pack: Monster Motion Vol.1 - Menacing Orc