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Digital Cast: Chuck & The Neighbors
Showcase Name: Digital Cast: Chuck & The Neighbors
Author: Reallusion
The G5 character community is expanding! Chuck and Gwynn are now joined by four more new G5 characters, each with their own unique personality and style. Mario brings in a goofy and energetic element to the crew; and there's also Wanda, whose strong and spirited persona is bound to add some spice to your next iClone story. Matilda is the clever and curious little one who can't seem to keep herself out of mischief, so it's lucky that Bernard is along for the ride with his grumpy yet endearing appeal. This valuable pack includes all four of these memorable characters as well as 6 complete base models, including the original Chuck and Gwynn. Each character has their own distinctive iClone Persona, which gives them all tailored action animations available with a single click! This is one pack that you won't want to miss, so join the family, and add some color to your next project!
Pack: Chuck & The Neighbors