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Real Movies Sets Vol 1

Real Movies Sets Vol 1

Author: NL2012
File size: 189MB
For IC: v5.5 or above
iContent List Price : $20

Pack Description

Based on the epic sci-fi movie "BladeRunner".

This great movieset brings you to the lowerparts of this city. Facade buildings with very accurate texturing (Diffuse Normal Specular and Curvature in blend channel) for optimal realistic movie shots. Even close-ups look good!
Complete with pavement , street and various scifi city props.
To top it of : a Vehilcle called the "Police Spinner"

All objects are build from scratch.

Check the youtube trailer for some native iClone movieshots.

NOTE: loading can take some time (180MB project)


Pack includes

‧ 1Project (Strees Buildings Vehicle and Props)
‧ 13D Scene (Scifi City scene)



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