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Best TV Show - Zen Studio

Best TV Show - Zen Studio

Author: Idjy Studio
File size: 40.2MB
For IC: v5.41 or above
iContent List Price : $14.9

Pack Description

YOUR BEST TV SHOW is a range of virtual studios builder, customizable and editable.

Use the theme as it is or adapt it at your needs.
Indeed, basic objects easily scalable, rich customizable universe, and essential objects studio will allow you to adapt those studios to your needs by editing compositions, textures, and colors.
iClone make it easy to reach a professional result. Add a virtual actor or integrate a real one (using the green screen technology) then add your own video and logo on displays.
Bring color and creativity in your universe at an affordable cost !
Each pack contains one project including a complete studio set and pre-configured camera and light settings that you can change in iClone.
Each pack also contains all the objects in the project.

Features Pack includes :
- 1 Project
- 12 Props
- 1 Water (in project)
- Lights & cameras already set up (in project)


Pack includes

‧ 1Project (Zen theme virtual studio)
‧ 12Props (Counter show, Display Board, projector, display cube, sky dome and stage set)
* Not included in this pack:
  Actor is not included



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