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Tycoon excavator animated

Tycoon excavator animated

Author: Pat59 (RL)
File size: 23.7MB
For iClone 5.22 or above
iContent List Price : $15

Pack Description

The Tycoon is an excavator fully animated, the Tycoon has 30 different perform to enable it to act as a real machine.

The attention to detail is pushed into the animation of cylinders following the guidelines of the arm and bucket, as the cab is neat to the exit of smoke from the exhaust gasses

It is also included controls Move Forward and Backward usable Editor Mode or Director Mode, all commands are also provided with hot keys for easy use

The "Physics" is included in order to destroy or would pick up as an excavator

BONUS: A container with animated doors comes with the pack


Pack includes

‧ 2Props (Tycoon animated and container)
* Not included in this pack:
  The pack contains only the Tycoon and the container, the scenery is not included



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