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Dungeon Ultimate Worldbuilder Pack

Dungeon Ultimate Worldbuilder Pack

Author: Bigboss
File size: 848MB
For iClone 4.3 or above
iContent List Price : $35.95
iContent Special Price : $29
Export Price(?) : $64.7
Export Special Price : $52.2

Pack Description

Bigboss is extremely proud to announce the arrival of a series of absolutely outstanding and stunning creations by Arteria3D.

This is the Dungeon Ultimate Pack by Arteria3D.

This incredible Pack contains everything you need to make your own Dungeon scene. The pack not only mirrors an atmospheric dark dungeon setting with the usual corridors and rooms, but also provides a superb PRISON Room setting complete with torture devices, prison cells and a selection of Ornate Castle Rooms and Corridors.

The Pack includes a complete dungeon system including 22 connectable pieces, 3 fully animated Doors, one animated Chest and a collection of 12 props including 2 Barrels, a Body Stretcher, 4 styles of Torches, 3 Warrior Statues, a Hanging Candlelight and a Cage.

Have fun!


Pack includes

‧ 38Props (16 Props including 4 animated Props plus a 22 Piece Dungeon System)



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