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SWIM Motion Pack

SWIM Motion Pack

Author: Harborside Press LLC
File size: 75.5MB
For iClone 5.2 or above
iContent List Price : $24.95
iContent Special Price : $14.95

Pack Description

Let's go swimming! Harborside Press Swim Pack puts iClone G5 & G3 actors (male & female) in the water with 38 motions. Motions are best used with water templates from Set/Water and deactivate hand and foot contact of character.
Add another dimension to sci-fi, action, drama or horror movies with characters in the water!

Pack includes 25 swim motions:
3 Backstroke
3 Breaststroke
2 Butterfly
5 Freestyle (crawl)
2 Sidestroke
5 Snorkel & Scuba
5 Tread water

Plus 13 bonus motions:
4 Start swim
2 Stop Swim
3 Panic in the water
2 Waving in water
1 Signal in the water
1 Swimmer turnaround


Pack includes

‧ 38Motions (For G5 and G3 Male & Female characters)
* Not included in this pack:
  Pack does not include: Character, swim wear, terrain, water, sky, shark, birds, buoy, music.



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