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G5 Cloth High Resolution Head Morphs

G5 Cloth High Resolution Head Morphs

Author: Bigboss
File size: 16.3MB
For IC: v5.41 or above
iContent List Price : $24.95
Export Price(?) : $44.9

Pack Description

i.e. a series of magnificent higher resolution faces with embedded Morph shapes that can be animated using the iClone Facial Animation Puppet Panel.

This is the G5 Head Morphs "Chewing" Pack for iClone.

These Faces are fully compatible with the iClone G5 Standard. They are fully compatible with ALL iClone Head Features including performing Facial Animation, the capability of using imported CrazyTalk scripts (.CTS files) and the capability of customizing the geometry using the iClone Facial Feature Detail panel or by using 3dXchange 5 and sculpting details in your preferred external 3D Modeling tool.


Pack includes

‧ 2Heads (Chuck & Gwynn High Resolution Chewing Faces)



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