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G5 High Polygon Double Layer Smoother Head Bases

G5 High Polygon Double Layer Smoother Head Bases

Author: Bigboss
File size: 60.4MB
For iClone 5.3 or above
iContent List Price : $19.95
Export Price(?) : $35.9

Pack Description

Bigboss G5 High Polygon Double Layer Smoother Head Bases for iClone

Bigboss is proud to bring to the market a Higher Polygon Count version of Gwynn and Chuck Head Bases for iClone. Each head Base has approximately double the polygon count of the existing Gwynn and Chuck Heads. The mesh was reworked by Bigboss to add details where it counts. These heads are much cleaner with softer transitions on the ears, eyes, nose and mouth and therefore, are ideal for adding details in iClone via the iClone Head detail panel or for sculpting details in your preferred external 3D Modeling tool.

This Pack contains one Gwynn and One Chuck High Polygon Count Smoother G5 Head with 2 different Layers for texturing the Face. The second layer is accessible where you texture the "Throat" under the Head-Mouth Modify Panel. This gives you an extra 7 channel with Diffuse, Opacity, Bump, Specular, Glow, Reflection and Blend to add details to your Faces such as Scar, Beard, Mustache and Makeup without distorting in any way the base texture of the face.

These heads are ideal for any expressive lose-up scene whereby facial details are of prime importance in communicating the feeling of your scene.

To top it all, the UVW Map on these head is unchanged and therefore, you can reload all of your existing Chuck or Gwynn Face textures on these new Heads providing a nice upgrade path for your G5 iClone characters.


1) This pack fully complements my other G5 High Poly Smoother Heads pack
2) The difference between the two pack is the extra layer which of course doubles the polygon count of the Face.
3) This product was designed around special requests originating from experienced iClone users on the forum.

Have fun!


Pack includes

‧ 2Heads



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