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Wanda's World

Wanda's World

Author: Alley
File size: 33.9MB
For iClone 5.22 or above
iContent List Price : $6.99

Pack Description

Wanda's World provides 5 new looks for Wanda. Wanda is a character from "Chuck & the Neighbours" which is available at the Reallusion Content store or you can purchaee Wanda separately in the Marketplace.

NOTE: To Use the Flowing Skirt, you need Flowing Skirt Elements, Volume 1. It's an optional bonus accessory - you don't have to use it.


Pack includes

‧ 21Accessories (10 Earrings)
‧ 16Materials ( 1 necklace)


Some items in the pack require base models for them to function properly. If you do not have the following base contents, you may get incorrect results.

You could purchse these item(s) from the Marketplace:

E003 Wanda
To learn more about these items or to purchase related items for a better deal, please go to:
Chuck & The Neighbors

This is a derivative content from the following base content. Please make sure you have the base content for this content to function as a full version. A derivative content can not be uploaded for sale unless it is modified from a base content.

Required Item: L B Half Gentle , Dummy , L B Half Gentle


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