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PR5 Beast

PR5 Beast

Author: Vit3D
File size: 59.2MB
For IC: v5.22 or above
iContent List Price : $21.95

Pack Description

PR5 Beast (PR5MB_Base) is ready-to-use photo-realistic character base on G5 skeleton system with increased mesh resolution head on G5 facial bones.
All items in PR5 (Photo Realistic 5) have custom body models with hi-resolution photo-realistic textures, specially designed for close look in HD video production and they fully comparable with any standard G3-G5 motions and facial animations.
Facial hair (whiskers and hair on the ears) are separate objects rigged to facial bones.
It's possible to "turn them OFF" by loading black images (256 x 256 for example) in Head > Mouth > Throat Opacity and Specular maps or change color by loading custom map in Diffuse channel.
Loincloth is separate lower body clothes model and can be turned OFF (Actor > Lower Body > Material Settings, Opacity = 0).
NOTE: Because of file size limit, character has loincloth material in sample resolution (0.5K). 1K and 2K resolution loincloth materials included as separate files.

Pack also includes materials for bald head version for using with your favorite hair models.
Motions, shown in the video, available separately - PR5 Beast Motions.

1. This character has custom mesh and skeleton bone scales and using any parts of this character (except head) with other standard G5 characters can cause loosing of original shape.
2. Because of custom mesh Beast head has some restrictions on re-shaping inside iClone.
Please read THIS INFORMATION before purchasing product.

See also PR5 Beast. Compatibility tricks.

For more information see also PR5 characters usage.


Pack includes

‧ 1G5 Standard Character
‧ 4Materials



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