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G5 Medieval Destrier Horse

G5 Medieval Destrier Horse

Author: Bigboss
File size: 71.2MB
For IC: v5.41 or above
iContent List Price : $35.95
Export Price(?) : $64.7

Pack Description

Bigboss is extremely proud to announce the arrival of a series of absolutely outstanding and stunning Horse Cloths for iClone.

This is the Medieval Destrier Horse Cloth by Bigboss.

This Pack contains 1 Medieval Destrier Horse Avatar Cloth plus 5 beautifully textured Medieval Destrier Horses. The Horses are presented as non-human .iAvatars fully compatible with Reallusions fantastic Arabian Horse Motion Pack.

The Medieval Destrier Cloth includes 7 Layers (Horse Skin, Tail, Armor, Blanket, Saddle, Bridle and Mord) which can be completely re-textured by the user from the iClone Skin Modify Tab.

This Horse Cloth is built over the standard Arabian Horse Base from Reallusion and therefore is fully compatible with corresponding Reallusion Horse Motions and Accessories, i.e. you can use all other Reallusion Horse Accessories with this character.


Pack includes

‧ 6Characters (1 x Medieval Destrier Horse Cloth plus 5 beautifully textured Medieval Destrier Horses.)



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