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Medieval World

Medieval World

Author: Apparition-Alley
File size: 100MB
For iClone 5.01 or above
iContent List Price : $29.95

Pack Description

Medieval World is a collection of 14 G5 characters for your Medieval stories. This pack contains:

3 Peasant Females
3 Peasant Males
1 Monk
1 Blacksmith
1 Knight
1 Lord

1 Lady

2 Male Children
1 Female Child

This pack was created by special request for an author who is animating a children's story. We decided to add some additional characters and by permission of the author, we are adding the entire grouping of these characters to the marketplace. More info on the story and links for those interested will be posted at a later date.

The female bonnets were crafted especially for this pack by Apparition, along with the boots and cloths for these characters. The female in Green bonnet's strings, will not penetrate the body with movement. Offered at a very low price, we hope that you will enjoy these characters.


Pack includes

‧ 14G5 Standard Characters (Medieval assorted characters)



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