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iSoft Physics Vol.3

iSoft Physics Vol.3

Author: Bigboss
File size: 32.6MB
For iClone 5.01 or above
iContent List Price : $12.95
Export Price(?) : $23.3

Pack Description

Bigboss & Sen have united their forces to raise the standard and bring new innovative physics enabled Props and Avatars to the iClone Marketplace.

This is the iSoft Physics Vol.3 Pack.

This Pack includes both Male and Female G5 Physics enabled Avatar Bases plus an assortment of 18 absolutely fantastic and original physics enabled soft body Props including Boxing Ring and boxing related accessories, 3 type of Flying Balloons, a Hamac, 2 Beds, Pillows, Market Stall accessories, a Tire and an assortment of geometric shapes for simulating mechanical rubber bushings, suspension system, pistons etc. Also includes in bonus 3 exclusive Hamac sit and rest motions!

NOTE: For best results, make sure you have the following options set:

1) Rigid body simulation "ON"
2) Soft Body simulation "ON"
3) "By Frame" play mode set (as opposed to Realtime)


1) Load Avatar
2) Move Timeline scrubber to frame 60
3) Apply dance motion to avatar
4) Press Stop
5) Move Timeline scrubber to frame 0
6) Press Play


Alt + Shift S


- This Pack is for intermediate users.
- This Pack requires iClone version 5.01 and up.

Have fun!


Pack includes

‧ 12D Background



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